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8:00am New Entry
9:00am New EntryCategory: Serve Safe[9:00am-2:00pm] Serve Safe Traing & Test
Serve Safe Manager certificate by National Restaurant Association Certified proctor & trainer: Bon Koo Online exam only: fee $80. RSVP by phone 617-216-3830 or email to info@seatoyousushi.com Serve safe Training & exam: fee $135. RSVP by phone 617-216-3830 or email to info@seatoyousushi.com Please visit website for more details, http://www.seatoyouboston.com/main.html?src=%2F#5,0

2:00pm New Entry
3:00pm New EntryCategory: Chef training[3:00pm-6:00pm] Sushi Chef Training
This training is also great for restaurant owner, manager or buyer. You can add sushi to your existing restaurant with confidence. Please call 617-216-3830 to make reservation or fill out Online reservation form, http://m.seatoyousushi.com/app/sushi-chef-training/800472/47/ Sushi Chef Training Rate: $80/Hour Chef Training 1. Sushi & Sashimi fish How to select the best ingredients: 2 hour How to fillet salmon, tuna, Hamachi or hirame(Fluke): 4 hours plus material costs (market price) How to slice fillets into Maki, Nigiri, Sashimi and Temaki style cuts: 4 hours plus material costs (market price) Approved vendors available locally as well as nationally: Certificate of Compliance(US FDA HACCP regulations; 21 CFR part 123, effective March 1, 2001): 2 hours Chef Training 2. Serving Safe Sushi at Sushi Bar Hands on demonstration of Receiving, Storing & Serving/Shipping: 4 hours plus material costs (market price) Monitoring documents (HACCP): 2 hours Chef Training 3. Sushi rice Kinds of sushi rice & How to steam them: 2 hours plus material costs (market price) Acidification and PH test: 1 hour HACCP Documentation: 3 hours Chef Training 4. How to make Sushi: 18 hours plus material costs Sashimi, 3 kinds of Maki, Designer rolls, Nigiri Sushi and Hand roll Chef Training 5. Sushi Chef Certificate NRA Serve Safe Certificate Training and Test: 6 hours. Proof of work experience of 4 months as sushi chef (Job referal can be arranged through our Facebook)

Category: Kids Camp[3:30pm-5:30pm] Kids Sushi Camp - Day 3
This calendar is only to view available sushi class date and time. therefore You can not sign up on this calendar. Please use online RSVP form to book your class: http://m.seatoyousushi.com/app/kids-sushi-camp/6572815/47/ *** Special offer for a limited time: http://m.seatoyousushi.com/app/get-special-offers/2528029/55/?item_id=42464 Kids will learn how to roll sushi and take home sushi: Day 1: How to make Hand Roll(temaki). Day 2: How to make Seaweed outside roll (Hoso maki). Day 3: How to make Inside/out roll (California Roll). Day 4: How to make Jumbo Roll (Tempura Shrimp or Vegi).

6:00pm New EntryCategory: Party Space Rental[6:30pm-9:00pm] Available - Party Space Rental 50% OFF!
Private sushi rolling party for small group of up to 12 guests at 50% OFF! We offer sushi party by the hour at our venue in Newton. First 20 reservations only - Venue rental Rate for a limited time till June 1, 2017: up to 12 guests for $399(1.5 hour long) If you prefer another date and time, let us know it as fill out online reservation or call 617-216-3830. RSVP: http://m.seatoyousushi.com/app/sushi-venue-rental/5117842/47/ Valid until June 1, 2017 up to first 20 reservations.

Category: Private class for Two[6:30pm-8:00pm] Couples Class - Private
1.5 hour class, Private for Two: Special offers available: $180 for two. Private: http://m.seatoyousushi.com/app/get-special-offers/2528029/55/?item_id=42374 To reserve: Please call 617-216-3830 or email seatoyouseatoyou@gmail.com42374

9:00pm New Entry