Monday, June 27, 2016
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8:00am New Entry
9:00am New Entry[9:00am-2:00pm]
[9:00am-2:00pm] ServeSafe Mgr Certification Exam
Serve Safe Manager certificate by National Restaurant Association Certified proctor & trainer: Bon Koo Online exam only: fee $100. RSVP by phone 617-216-3830 or email to info@seatoyousushi.com Serve safe Training & exam: fee $180. RSVP by phone 617-216-3830 or email to info@seatoyousushi.com

2:00pm New Entry
3:00pm New Entry[3:30pm-5:30pm]
[3:30pm-5:30pm] CAMP1 Dinner: Four-Day Sushi-Making Camp for kids.
After this camp, your kids will enjoy tasty sushi and develop lifelong habit of enjoying healthy sushi. Please RSVP, http://m.seatoyousushi.com/app/to-reserve-four-day-sushi-camp-for-kids/6572815/47/ We offer four-day sushi camp for kids and available for $320/kid/4 days camp. Parents are welcome to join for same price and share great time together. Kids will learn how to roll sushi and take home sushi: Day 1: How to make Hand Roll(temaki). Day 2: How to make Seaweed outside roll (Hoso maki). Day 3: How to make Inside/out roll (California Roll). Day 4: How to make Jumbo Roll (Tempura Shrimp or Vegi). Cancellation policy: Within 14 days of the camp start date we will charge a $50.00 cancellation fee and the remaining balance will be refunded ONLY IF we have a replacement camper.