Health Department Liaison

Over 20 years as a food safety manager & operator, partnering with various retail food operations such as Flik, Compass Group, ARAMARK, Partners Health, Delaware North Companies etc. HACCP certified in retail food operations.

Bon is a Certified ServSafe Instructor and one of the experts in food safety education training. He is a Registered ServSafe Proctor/instructor in
Massachusetts Food Protection Manager Certification Exam and Trainer Directory by State Food and Drug.

He speaks fluent Korean & English. His class is fun, brings years of hands on experience, focuses on understanding rather than memorization of food safety principles, helps managers to actively engage in managerial controls, provides managers with various tools to monitor and make corrective actions after careful risk analysis in the flow of foods in a retail operation.

Import and export of seafood, procurement and wholesale distribution of sushi products & services to supermarkets such as Stop & Shop and Hannaford.

  • Reopening help after health department suspension notice.
  • On going support and monitoring after reopening.
  • Health Department Plan Review.
  • the pre-opening inspection.
  • Audits/Inspections
  • HACCP Plan

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  • Corrective Actions to your health code violations
  • SSOP checklist
  • Safe temps from receiving to service.